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Erin Wilkerson. Filming in Split, Croatia

Guerilla gardener, turned guerilla filmmaker, Erin Wilkerson is interested in anti-colonial ecologies, as an expansion of early professional work in landscape architecture, which instilled in her a passion to fight for the natural world. Her solo films have screened at Prismatic Ground (New York), INTERSECCION (Spain), FICUNAM and Ultra Cine (Mexico), and DOKUFEST (Kosovo). Since 2010, she has worked collaboratively as Creative Agitation, with her partner, filmmaker Travis Wilkerson, best known for their co-directed and co-written film, Nuclear Family, which documents a 2019 road trip to nuclear missile silos of the American West, that premiered at the Berlin Forum, was awarded Mencion Especial at Mar del Plata IFF, and went on to screen at 20+ festivals including the Viennale. She is also known for her mixed media art which was featured in the Slovenian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale (2017). She has published critical texts and poetry, and as the Managing Editor of the online newsreel, NOW Journal, has curated programs on urgent praxis, in response to world events. She is currently working towards a PhD in Research and Practice from Liverpool John Moores University, in partnership with the TransArt Institute, on expanding ideas of Invasive Species, alongside an accompanying film, Strange Flower (little sister to the poor).

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